Sharon Nee Goodman
​18 August 2017

We made a quick trip to Tennessee earlier this month for the launch party of the music video that was partially filmed at our house in Tennessee last May. Lawson Bates is the singer that recorded the song "Past the Past". Sadie Robinson (Duck Dynasty) was also in the video. The photos that Mike took while in Tennessee can be seen here. My sister, Roberta, and her daughter, Stephanie also were there and took photos. I've included them, as well. The photos from the launch party can also be seen here.

Jackson started back to school yesterday. He's a first grader now. Future class of 2029! Holy cow! He was excited to go back to school from what I was told!

Heather is growing like a weed and she is getting so big now! Has the baby "rolls" and is getting to the point of cooing and making noises. She's almost rolled from back to front several times, but just hasn't made that last bit of effort to get there yet! She's a doll!

I'm still painting chairs. I'm up to 6 of them now. I have 1 chair left; a toy box; and a small child's rocking chair left as projects. The chair and toy box have been primed and are ready to be painted. I haven't decided on how I'm going to do this last chair, but I want it to be as different from the others as they all have been thus far. Make sense?! Chairs can be seen here.

Not sure if I've updated since my birthday, but Mike bought me a truck for my birthday! It's a 2017 Nissan Frontier. LOVE it! We've been to Tennessee twice in it and it makes a huge difference over the Kia! More room, ya know? 

C.A.R. is getting ready to start back up again for the year. We are having our first planning meeting this weekend and I'm excited about the activities the kids will be doing. We have a new president, so hopefully, the group will be a bit more active and willing to participate!  We'll see.  As far as D.A.R. goes, I've been asked to head the Photography Committee and take photos this year for the chapter. Looking forward to that. I have already started by taking photos of the ladies that are in our chapter for the pictorial yearbook that will reside on our chapter's FaceBook page. Good start- got 24 ladies the first meeting! Yea!

In other news, Roberta's book, "Rebecca's Soliloquy" is going to be made into a movie! Yes, really!  Director Ron Maxwell (Gettysburg, Gods and Generals, The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia) has her book, read it, loved it and has had conference calls with Roberta, her agent and the guy that will be doing the musical score for the movie. Awesome!!! I get to go to the Academy Awards with Roberta... I'll be the one wearing a blue dress!  

Hope this finds you doing well!


Jackson and Heather
04 June 2017