Sharon Nee Goodman
​It's a brand spanking new year and I hope that this year is filled with love, joy, and compassion for everyone reading this. We drove home from Tennessee yesterday, so today has been a day to stay inside and relax. Besides... it's been below freezing all day today! 

We did make it to Tennessee in time for Christmas and we got to spend it with family. It was so good seeing my parents again. I did a lot of cooking and baking while I was there and shared it with my parents. Their freezer is now stocked with pot roast and chicken casserole!

Christmas was spent at the Hillsboro Community Center where Chris and Karen host the family. Lots of room for the kids to run; a kitchen; and lots of tables and chairs for sitting and visiting.  After supper and after the presents were open, Scot is in charge of the Hot Wheels Racing. All participants get a new Hot Wheels from the bag without looking to see what they are getting. Open the Hot Wheels and the racing begins. Girls against the boys. All the girls/boys race until there is only one winner for each; then the big race is against each other! Roberta was the winner this year! Christmas photos here. I thought I had posted the link to the Thanksgiving photos, but apparently I didn't. You can see Thanksgiving photos here.

While we were at the house, we were amazed at the wildlife we saw on this trip. For the first time, we saw a fox. We think it was a gray fox as it was a darker color. We saw it as we pulled in the driveway after we had dinner and it was full dark. We saw it in the headlights. Then there were deer (which Raven thinks must be really big dogs); possum, neighbors cat, blue jays, blue birds, cardinals and a Pilate woodpecker. Can't wait to move back and find out what all types of birds I have hanging around.

Roberta and I went out shopping the day after Christmas. Antiques and Foothills Crafts. Yea, we spent some money!  Ha! But it was great to hang with my sister and have some time to catch up on what's going on in each other's lives. Love you Roberta!  

Got to spend time with Mary, too, but she had her grandson, Allyn and he wasn't feeling well, so we hung out at her house and caught up on life in general! 

Mike and I went out to Cannon County to a former classmates of his. She has a shop out at Short Mountain and I got some really neat leggings and a couple of shirts. Love them! Thank you Mike for getting them! 

Sunday, New Year's Eve day, we drove home to Texas. The weather was bitter cold (for the south) and we were glad to finally arrive home in time for the New Year. We hope that you have a wonderful new year. 

Hope this finds you doing well!


Jackson and Heather
04 June 2017