Sharon Nee Goodman
​11 June 2017

So Mike went back to Tennessee in May for the filming of the music video at our house. Mike promised the production company that he wouldn't share information or photos of the filming until the video comes out in the June/July time frame. The singer is also part of a reality TV show that was also there filming him while he did the music video. Mike will most probably end up on that TV show when that episode airs in August. I'll post when the date gets closer what day it will be on TV.  (The co-star of the video is also involved in a reality TV show!). 

Over Memorial Day weekend, Mike and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary! It was low key and we went out for dinner at "George's on the Town" here in Georgetown. It was amazing! We decided right then and there that we would be back again soon! Food and service was outstanding!

Heather continues to grow and change almost daily! Justin and Jennifer came by last weekend for dinner and after getting dinner underway, I got to hold Heather to my heart's delight! What a sweetie! 

I've been painting chairs since about the first of this year. I just completed my 4th chair. You can see them here. I have three more chairs, a rocking chair and toy box (for Heather) ready to paint. One of the chairs is for Jackson. We discussed what he wanted me to paint on his chair- five bees, a bee hive, and a dragonfly. He also wants his name on the back of the chair. He picked out all the colors of paint that he wants me to use. Lets just say it will be a brightly colored chair of many, many colors!  

A few months ago, I visited my cousin, Suzy, here in Austin while her sister, Emma, was visiting her. Emma made a comment about how neat it would be to have a family reunion. So000... I started thinking. Looking at 4th of July, 2018 for a family reunion for the Mason/Rice/Nee families in Tennessee. Going to talk with the sisters and sisters-in-laws to see what we can do to get this going. I want everyone to be there, so enlisting everyone we can to get this to happen! Updates soon!

Hope this finds you doing well!


Jackson and Heather
04 June 2017